What is the Institute about?

      The Institute is dedicated to the education and training of its students in the practical application of an uncommon knowledge concerning the relationship of health, natural healing, and Qi (pronounced chi) energy. An arcane knowledge thousands of years old. Its roots spring forth from antiquity and only recently is being translated by a few Grand Masters from around the world for the western mind to assimilate and apply.  

What is “ Natural Healing ”?

      The body's “energetic blueprints” provide guidance for Qi to reproduce and replenish its physical structure and function. From a physical perspective, over time we can observe this reconstruction / repair the body system does naturally, called “healing”. By purposefully clearing disruptions and removing the obstructions to the Qi flow in the body and boosting the Qi via Qi Gong, we assist in speeding the body's reconstruction / repair to balance our state of health.    

The Constructive cycle

      The body is strengthened: replenished Qi flows are in harmony / balance and a youthful long life track is maintained. Qi Gong and Tai-Chi exercises are designed to support and strengthen the constructive cycle.  

The Destructive cycle

      The body is weakened: Qi flows are disrupted, the body's energy system becomes out of harmony / balance and accelerates down the track of “old age” and death .   What can create a destructive cycle in the body?   In everyday life, an accidental strike or blow to vital meridian points / acupuncture points can cause the Constructive cycle of the body to shift to a Destructive cycle. The Qi flow has now been driven into confusion, disorder and degradation of the body's energetic system which is then reflected physically, mentally and emotionally. Other causes include: Life style, unnecessary allopathic invasion of the body, exposure to toxic industrial chemicals, waste, perverse energies, perverse thinking, extreme hot or cold temperatures.  

What is Martial Science?

  •  The knowledge & training to quickly induce a Destructive cycle (imbalance / disruption of       Qi) by throwing a “ Death” strike to the attacker so as to disable, maim, or dispatch.

  •  Defense- knowledge & training to block, repel, or counter a “ Death” strike

  •  The knowledge & training to quickly induce a Constructive cycle (balance / reorder Qi )           counter a “ Death” strike to restore ones self or others.

  •  This ability to restore the Qi to a flow, as a constructive cycle, is critical in the practice of       the Martial ArtsLife and Death hang in the balance.

  Reversing the Destructive cycle

   The Shun Shen Tao Institute of Natural Healing is where the Science and Art of martial studies come together. The former being all the technical, analytical, techniques of procedure, etc., and the latter being the instinctive-genetic data & isomorphic biological patterns, intuitive-subconscious routines. All of which, coalesces into a foundational skill base that a presence of being, which goes beyond the thinking mind, will express in life with Mastery. Mastery is a word used to summate the expression of a total presence.

   The how to reverse the destructive cycle, balance the energetic system, and bring self back into harmony with nature is what the teachings of the Shun Shen Tao Institute of Natural Healing is about. While Shun Shen Tao's martial arts restoration techniques are applied to the energetic system, some lifestyle changes will need to be made to help reverse the destructive cycle. If you are expecting any system to rectify your problems and make no supportive lifestyle changes you will be disappointed. It's like you have come in for repairs on your vehicle so you can resume driving in a demolition derby expecting to have no further damage to your vehicle!

   At Shun Shen Tao Institute of Natural Healing all students must begin conditioning the body, mind, and make the lifestyle changes that will support high levels of Qi flow.